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Bean Bag Chairs for Kids,


Giddy, Witty Bean Bag Chairs


Who doesn’t love to sit in a bean bag chair? Kids and grown up kids alike, all feel safe and comfortable all snuggled up, enveloped in one of these amusing cushy, pliant chairs. Just looking at one brings a smile to your face, as does any object that is soft and round and colorful.


Children just love them. They can drag them around from room to room, flop down on one. They can sit up or lie down. Fall asleep or read books, play video games, or watch TV, or do homework. There is a host of reasons why the smart parent will purchase bean bag chairs for their kids, not least of which, they are a healthy choice, both physically and emotionally.


Let’s enumerate just some of the advantages of owning a bean bag chair:


Affordable Practical Comfort


Bean bag chairs are a wonderful affordable alternative to traditional furniture for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms. They are relatively reasonably priced. They have whimsy. They are available in an assortment of beautiful colors and styles to coordinate with existing décor. They provide a comfortable safe place for your child to rest that is much healthier than being sprawled out on the cold floor or lying down on a scratchy carpet. Because bean bag chairs are often made up of small Styrofoam beads, and sometimes, shredded polyurethane foam filling, they are designed to conform to your child’s own form. They actually yield to every position the child takes, cradling the body as if your child is sitting in a cloud. They are a much better idea for children than an adult chair or rocker. Children’s bean bag chairs come with their own machine washable covers, which makes maintenance a real cinch for moms.




Bean bag chairs come in sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. Consider the best size bean bag to buy for your child. The size you choose will depend on your child’s age and weight. If your child is  up to 5 years old, then a small chair will be ideal. If your child is up to 10 years old, then medium will be the right size. Teenagers should have a full adult size chair.


When in doubt, opt for a larger size. Your child will have many more years of use of the chair if the chair is larger. If you spend a little more and purchase a quality chair, the chair will last a very long time.




BB chairs come in all shapes and sizes. The classic styles are traditional round, teardrop and pear-shaped, oval, and cylindrical. The novelties include an assortment of cute animal shapes, footballs, athletic shoes, baseballs, soccer balls, and more. There is great variety in fabrics too. You can choose faux suede, denim, velvet, cotton, and vinyl. You can choose playful animal prints, florals, and colorful jungle themes.  A very wise choice for young children is a vinyl cover for their bean bag chair because it is so easy to keep clean.


Create a private environment


Kids love to have their own space. And they love to express themselves in that space by selecting their own furnishings.  Imaginative bean bag chairs can transform your child’s bedroom into his/her own private sanctuary where your child can cuddle up with a good book, listen to music, play a game and actually de-stress. Yes, kids need to de-stress just like grown ups.




Bean bag chairs are very light weight. They can be easily moved from place to place, and room to room. They can even be taken on outings and vacations.


Durability and safety


Purchase a quality bean bag chair and it will last for many years, through an entire childhood and then some. Kids can be wild, as we all know, so be sure to choose a chair that has a tough-wearing cover, with secure double stitched seams, and a very strong childproof safety zipper...  purpose being to keep the filler inside the chair and out of reach of your wee one.


Traditionally, bean bag chairs are filled with PVC beads. More and more manufacturers are using shredded polyurethane foam filling. Foam is a lot softer and conforming to body positions, therefore more comfortable than beads. The shredded foam tends to keep its shape longer too. All in all, we recommend foam filling over beads for the sheer comfort.


Where is the best place to purchase your child’s bean bag chair? Online of course. Check out Shopsicle for some of the best bean bag chairs. Also Amazon has a large assortment of bean bag chairs with some of the best prices. You will find the largest selection and the best prices online. Not only that, many online merchants offer free shipping. How easy is that?


How to make your child happy? Give your child a bean bag chair and watch their delight.



~Joan Saloomey


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