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Bingo! A high performance fabric called “Sunbrella” can solve your problems.

Are you blessed with young children and/or beloved but frisky pets? Do you throw frequent parties, all the while concerned about the wear and tear on your home? Not to worry. Keep the parties coming. Let the kids’ exhuberance (within reason, of course) express itself.

Now the kids and Fido can do their sprawling, snacking, and wrestling with no fear of a reprisal from Mom, thanks to an innovative acrylic fabric from Glen Raven.

“Sunbrella” has been around since 1960. It is the first solution-dyed, “quality” acrylic fabric known for its inherent color retention, durability, and energy efficiency.

It is, unquestionably, the leading fabric used today in the awning, marine, automotive convertible top, and outdoor furniture markets.

So what does all this have to do with your home? That’s the good news. In recent years the Sunbrella people, along with many of the finest decorator fabric emporiums, decided to take the Sunbrella concept into the home, producing collections of glorious patterns and colors, ideal for use in sunny, interior and exterior high-traffic areas, where a “regular” fabric could not hold up.

Recently, clients with small children expressed concern about putting a brightly colored floral on a chair in their (very) sunny family room. They were right to be concerned. The bright colors in a “regular” cotton upholstery print would not have survived the harsh rays of the sun, not to mention the heavy abrasion of denim jeans and constant use. We decided, instead, to use a wonderful jacquard fabric from Sunbrella. The colors were perfect. It had a luxurious feel. This fabric is made to withstand constant use and it is guaranteed for a period of five years against loss of color or durability from normal exposure to sunlight, mildew, rot, and atmospheric chemicals (making it a perfect vehicle for sunroom, patio, and pool use). Being solution-dyed, color luminosity is unsurpassed. The fabric provides excellent water-repellancy, a major plus if your room is getting a lot of use through living and partying. Cleaning up crayon marks or red wine is a breeze.

Sunbrella is available in wonderful colors and patterns.

Now I hope I’m not sounding like a commercial for Sunbrella. Forgive me if I am. No, Sunbrella is not my client. Truth is, I have nothing to gain but your friendship by tipping you off about this product.

I think it’s terrific, and you should know about it.

- Joan Saloomey


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