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A Change of (S)pace

Now that spring is here it’s time to lighten up your interior décor, and create a pared-down atmosphere for the upcoming carefree summer months ahead.

This can be accomplished with an “editing” of your current room accents, which will appear to open up and “cool off” your space.

Begin by clearing table surfaces.  Remove all but the most essential photos and decorative items, curios, etc, from end tables, coffee table, piano, window ledges, and mantels.  Carefully wrap and pack these items in boxes, along with any winter accessories such as dark throws and wooly pillows.  They will all look fresh and new again when you bring them out in the fall.  For now, we are going for the relaxed, cool, “Zen” feel of blissful, un-cluttered space.

An effective summer room revitalizer is to cover your sofa and chairs with crisp muslin or white duck slipcovers.  Zip pillow covers of the same fabric onto some of your existing throw pillows.  (Note: There are many shades of white.  If you have a dark oriental area rug, the “white” you choose might be closer to a light eggshell or ivory.)  Instant cool.

Create serenity by massing simple objects in single file.  You will surely come up with beautiful combinations of your own, but here are some ideas to start with:

· Fill 3 large terracotta pots (or simple but decorative pots, depending on your décor) with potting medium. Plant grass seed in each one, according to directions.  Set in a sunny window and water routinely.  As the pots fill with thick, luxurious grass, enjoy the vivid green serenity.  Your cat will love to nibble it.  If you enjoy the healthy benefits of wheatgrass, plant that instead of regular grass.  It is just as beautiful, and you can nibble it, too!
Once grown in, you’ll be able to move the pots to the spot of choice.  Just be sure they receive some daylight.

· Line up 3 identical glass vases filled with forsythia or cherry blossom branches, down the center of your dining table.

· Run 3 galvanized aluminum cans filled with peonies, across the country sideboard in the kitchen.

· Place 5 large seashells (such as conches) across the ledge in the powder room.

· Amass a row of chunky, ivory pillar candles placed in identical glass chimneys across the mantel.  Be sure to light them in the evening and enjoy the dancing candlelight.

The idea is to keep it simple and repetitive, a concept that makes a strong statement and evokes a sense of cool and calm…


“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
- Antoine de St. Exupery


                                                                     ~ Karen Saloomey


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