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Home Building Trends

[The following report comes to us from AOL.  We found it very interesting, and hope you will, too.]

Some trends come and go, while others become standard.  This same principle applies just as much to homes as it does fashion and pop culture, and we have witnessed some new home items coming onto the market that are poised to make a big splash in 2007.  Some of these trends are quite surprising, while others make perfect sense.

Trends Making Strong Footholds in 2006

With most of 2006 behind us, we can look back and see which ideas have actually taken hold.  Welcome as we all were to anything retro, we honestly didn’t want some of those things to come back.  Here are some of the items introduced in the last two years that have proven themselves.

Outdoor Kitchens: Outdoor kitchens make the most sense in warmer climates, where
BBQers and outdoor entertainers can use these year ‘round.  However, the colder climates did not want to go without.  Outdoor kitchens are here to stay. 

Vessel Sinks: Most everyone has seen these sinks that look like bowls sitting on the counter, if not in the bathroom of your local sushi joint then in your trendy friend’s guest bath.  Given that vessel sinks can be made of any material, there is really no stopping their popularity. 

Interlocking Concrete Pavers: If you haven’t seen a patio or walkway with interlocking concrete pavers, then you haven’t been outside in the last two years.  All different shapes and colors are available at any big box home store, and this has been a very popular do-it-yourself project.

2006 Trends Still Relatively Undiscovered

Cypress Flooring: Rivaling hickory in appearance and hardness, Australian Cypress came onto the scene because of the earth tones in its nature, particularly the faint greens and mild yellows mixed in with the walnut coloring.  Definitely surprising that this hasn’t skyrocketed, but we are being patient.  People will come.

Composite Slate Roofing: Marketing may be to blame for this one, as many still have never heard of it.  Slate roofing is the highest of the high end, and composite slate provides the same look, feel, and durability but with a much smaller price tag.
2007 Trends

Home Elevators: If you have a home elevator, you have arrived.  Long thought to be evidence of a disability, they are now the ornament of those who aren’t worried about price.  Recently, home elevators have become more affordable, costing about the same as the average kitchen remodel.  Many are installed during the building process, but they can be retrofitted as well.  Plus, if this is the home you plan to grow old in, you won’t have to worry about those stairs in your twilight years.

Concrete Counters: Concrete counters have a modern appeal and function.  As the world continues to appreciate exposed brick and iron beams, industrial themes show no signs of slowing.  Concrete counters are most often seen in flat, thick slabs, but they can be molded into any form.  This is the modern era’s answer to granite counters.

Anything Energy Efficient: No surprise here.  Gasoline and propane prices will usher in the Green Movement more so than individual choice.  Now that homeowners are looking everywhere to save a buck, items like energy efficient windows, washing machines, dishwashers, and dual-flush toilets are beginning to make sense, and dollars.


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