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Feng Shui in Your Home Office

We couldn’t possibly dedicate a Newsletter to the home office without mentioning something about Feng Shui!

In her book entitled, Lillian Too’s Easy-to-Use Feng Shui/168 Ways to Success, Lillian Too makes many suggestions as to how you can use the practice of Feng Shui to bring prosperity and happiness into the office (or money sector).

Feng Shui, for those of you who are as yet unacquainted with this fascinating subject, is the practice of arranging things in our surroundings for the purpose of improving our well-being.  It is based on an ancient Chinese belief that powerful energy flows around us, and by positioning everything in a very specific way, we can influence that energy and increase success in every area of our lives.

Feng Shui is extremely interesting and quite complex.  If you are interested in learning more about it, I highly recommend any books by Lillian Too.  Greg Nodelman, an outstanding authority on the subject, contributed some thoughts in the June 2006 SHOPSICLE Newsletter.  His article can be found in SHOPSICLE’s Tips & Articles section.

The following notes are excerpted from the Ms. Too's book, mentioned above:


• The best place to have your desk in an office is in the far right corner, diagonally across  from the door.  Do not place your desk opposite the door, as this in not an auspicious position.  The deeper you are inside the office, the better will be the Feng Shui.

• Never have your office or desk located at the end of a straight corridor or walkway.

• Do not sit in an office or at a desk that places you directly underneath an exposed overhead beam.  You will suffer from endless pressure and headaches.


• Terrapins (turtles) are believed to bring wonderful luck to the owner.  So, if you can, keep one in the north corner of your office.  If you are willing to have a live turtle, that would be wonderful.  Otherwise, a turtle crafted of jade, stone, or brass would suffice nicely.

• An inspiring picture or painting of a scene with water which is hung in front of you in the office can give you success in your business life.  If mountains are in the picture, make sure they are in the background.  The sailing ship in the foreground is also a symbol of good fortune.

• Use a “wealth bucket” for prosperity.  Boost your North-West office corner with imitation gold ingots to mirror its metallic energies.

• Displaying the symbol of the oak, preferably with acorns, in your South-East office corner is said to bring prosperity and success.

• Always avoid having cactus plants in the office as their thorns are thought to send out bad energy.  They are best cultivated outside, in gardens.

• Hanging some bells, threaded with red ribbon, on the outside doorknob of your office door can attract good fortune.

• Waste paper bins are believed to take away good fortune, so should be kept out of sight.

• Paintings of fish can bring good energies into the office environment.

• In your office, do not use black on the walls, ceilings and carpets.  Instead, use bright white on the walls and ceilings.  White is the symbol for prosperity.

• Red is the colour of the South, and shades of this colour on your South wall could well bring you good fortune.

• Green is the colour of money, especially when activated and given prominence in the SouthEast.

Based on more of Ms. Too’s advice, I put a dragon in my office window, a small laughing Buddha facing the door, and a turtle in the North window.  All three, at the very least, are charming, and they make me happy, which certainly has much to do with creating  good fortune.

It is important use Feng Shui in a very positive, relaxed manner.  Follow some of the pointers to allow it to create positive energy in your life and affairs, but do not become overly concerned with every little detail.

Even the simple act of maintaining a single fresh flower in your office will bring excellent energy into your environment.  

-Joan Saloomey
®  All Rights Reserved

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