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Stress-Free Decorating

Here’s a tip to help minimize some of the stress which is common when you are   decorating a room.

You can stop agonizing over what “look” you want for your room, and just take a little time out to go through this revealing exercise.

You’ll need two manila folders.

Label one “like” and the second one “dislike”.

Although it is common for many of us to have difficulty identifying what we want, most of us know without hesitation what we don’t want.  I have clients who can go through magazines and point out one room after another that they find “horrible”.  As a designer, I welcome this valuable information.  By knowing what my client doesn’t like, I am closer to knowing what he/she does like.

Go through some popular home décor magazines and tear out pages of rooms that do not appeal to you as well as those that do.  The rooms you like do not have to be literal.  You won’t be reproducing them for your home.  As long as there is something agreeable about them, tear out the page and put it into the “like” folder.  While you are at it, tear out photos of rooms you do not like, and put them into the “dislike” folder.  In some cases it might be the furnishings you dislike, in others it might be the color.

This exercise can span a few days or a few weeks.  Collect several examples. 
Then lay them all out – the “likes” on one side, and the “dislikes” on the other.
Observe first what the pages in the “dislike” folder have in common, then what the pages in the “like” folder have in common.

The object of this exercise is simple.  By coming to terms with what you don’t want, you’ll be able to more clearly recognize what appeals to you.

As silly as you might feel while doing this exercise, you will, by the end, see a color range and a style preference emerging, and you will have a clear direction for your new project.

If you are working with a designer, he/she will greatly value seeing the results, which will in turn benefit you.

Try it.  It works!

-Karen Saloomey
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