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A Room With a View

Using Mirrors to Add Sparkle to Your Rooms.

While we are on the subject of “reflection”, let’s take a moment to consider another type of reflection: the use of mirrors in your décor.

Mirrors can go a long way toward establishing the “WOW Factor” in  that room of yours.

The following are some useful tips:

  • Even small mirrors make space appear larger. 

  • A mirror is a thing of beauty unto itself, adding vitality to a room. 


  • A mirror can reflect appealing views. 

  • A mirror can create drama and elegance in a space. 

  • The right size, shape, and style mirror can anchor a composition of furnishings and bring importance to an area.

  • Two mirrors used together can bounce images off one another, adding a touch of humor and fascination to a room.



  •  Hanging mirrors between or across from windows can give the illusion of another window, creating the impression of more space in an area which may need just that.



  •  Floor mirrors are extremely popular these days, and for good reason.  These are tall mirrors, generally anywhere from 78” to 84” tall, and about 42” to 48” wide.  They stand on the floor and lean against the wall (it’s a good idea to fasten it to the wall as you would any wall décor, just to insure that it won’t tip forward).  Floor mirrors are terrific in just about any room in the house.  They are wonderful in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, even powder rooms.


  • Always be aware of what the mirror is reflecting.  While a mirror may be the perfect compliment over your dining room buffet, the spell will be broken if what it reflects is a sink full of dirty dishes.  If this is the case with your room, hang a gorgeous painting, instead.


  • Check that the position of a mirror is not producing a glare from a nearby window, or a spotlight.


  • Instead of using one large mirror on a wall, experiment by creating a composition of several small, beautifully framed mirrors. These can have a distinctly modern look, if simple, tailored frames are used, or you can achieve a rich, baroque effect by selecting an assortment of various sized mirrors in crunchy, antique, gold frames.


  • Position mirrors to reflect as much of your head and torso as possible.  It feels strange to stand before a mirror and have your head cut off, or, in other cases, to see just the tip of your nose up to the top of your head.


  • Place a beautiful object in front of a mirror to bring more attention to it.  Or, leave the area in front of the mirror free of any objects to create the illusion of depth and space in a room.



  • If you would like to add a mirror to your room but are hesitant, it is very possible that it is exactly what your room needs to bring it to life.  Be willing to move existing furniture around to arrive at the best possible composition using the mirror addition.  It’s worth the effort.




                                                                         ~ Karen Saloomey






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