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If you are looking for ways to freshen up and add some exciting and imaginative touches to your country cottage this summer, have some fun with the spectacular effects that can be achieved using Milk Paint.


Whether your cottage is a renovated barn, or a bungalow by the sea, there are vast decorating possibilities awaiting you via this ancient, but still popular, medium.  Made from the milk protein “casein”, Milk Paint is simple to mix, healthy and easy to use, and it can breathe a new, rich, life into old, discarded objects.


Milk Paint has been around, in one form or another, since the cave man, and was even found in ancient Egypt.  The vibrant, earthy colors and classic matte finish produced by this paint have adorned (and survived) most early American painted artifacts, as well.


It makes sense to revive and “re-invent” vintage furniture.  It’s good for the environment, as it reduces waste.  It’s good for your soul, as it makes you feel virtuous.  It’s good for your brain cells, as transforming a piece stimulates your imagination.  It’s good for your friends and family, as you are sure to stencil decorative boxes (or even benches!) for them with Milk Paint, and give them as gifts.

Got Milk Paint?

Colorful Fun From the Dairy


To look like a decorating genius, scour some thrift stores for interesting pieces: old chests, accent tables, chairs, milk cans, etc.  Consider unfinished furniture stores as well, especially if the idea of stripping the finish off of old furniture is a turn-off.


Paint a low hutch clay red, followed by another coat of cobalt blue.  When dry, use a fine grade sandpaper to lightly distress the edges, revealing glimpses of the red coat beneath.  Fantastic!  For a truly dazzling effect, finish the piece by waxing it, to create a deeper translucency in the color.


Or, find a lonely oak chair – perhaps one that was discarded on the curb by someone with no imagination.  Paint it saffron yellow.  It will add life to any corner of the house.


You say you picked up an old wooden cradle in a yard sale?  Why not Milk Paint it bright blue, and keep it filled with pots of flowering plants.


And how about stenciling your floor with a unique border design?  Milk Paint is tough and durable.


There are many instructive books and references on this subject.  For starters, visit this website:  www.milkpaint.com


-K Saloomey

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