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      Color It You!



 Whether we give conscious thought to it or not, we are all aware, on another level, of the mood and health-affecting properties of color. While each of us gravitates to different colors at various times in our lives, we can observe our mass psychological needs played out on a collective level as we watch the cycling of fashion trends, both in clothing and interior design.


An overwhelming trend which has been with us for many years now, and shows no sign of making a departure any time soon, is the movement toward the serene, peaceful shades of nature: sage, pea green, aqua, sand, and ivory. These are the colors of a peaceful stroll in the woods or along the beach. We are seeing everywhere now, the softest robin’s egg blue-green, paired with delicate mushroom tones, to deepest peat moss browns. All of them are soothing “Zen” hues which calm the soul and center the spirit. No surprise here.  The world has been changing rapidly, and has knocked most of us right out of our comfort zones. As a result, we are reaching out for the familiar and comforting colors of nature to soothe us.


Joan and I have been students of color for decades, with no end in sight. It is a study that amuses, confounds and eludes. Color is a delight on every level; it belongs to us all, every minute of the day. It has been the subject of scrutiny for eons. There are a number of corporations and colleges which use psychological color testing (such as the LUSCHER COLOR TEST) as part of their hiring and admissions process.


None of it will come as a surprise to you, but it may serve as a reminder as to why you gravitate to certain colors at particular times.





Trustworthy, dependable, constant, restful, calming, intuitive, centering; Lowers blood pressure, affects the throat and thyroid gland, feels soothing and cooling.





Tranquil, refreshing, peaceful, soothing, promotes equilibrium, relaxing, centering, calming, renewing, harmonious, comfort; Good for the heart, relaxes muscles; Darker, gray-er greens can have negative emotional effects.




Optimistic, enlightening, happy, uplifting, energetic, intellectual, creative, mentally stimulating, aids organization, activates memory, promotes clarity, outgoing; Stimulates brain, promotes alertness, promotes decisiveness, activates lymph system; Dull yellow promotes feelings of fear.




Flamboyant, warm energetic, stimulates activity, stimulates appetite, stimulates social interaction.




Exciting, passionate, promotes focusing, enthusiasm, energetic, active, stimulates appetite, stimulates confidence, increases blood pressure, increases stamina; Pink helps muscles relax (often used in mental and penal institutions to quell violence).





Mystic, psychic, royal, creative, uplifting, calming, promotes sleep, spiritual, cleansing, promotes compassion; Supresses hunger, helpful with nervous disorders.




Stability, security, reliability, approachability, calming,wholesome, orderly; Can be associated with retreat.




Purity, cleanliness, neutrality, peaceful, safe, comfort, orderly; Aids mental clarity, symbol of new beginnings, freedom.




Timeless, practical, solid, expectant, unsettling, distant, lonely, promotes feelings of separation.




Authoritative, powerful, potential, emptiness, bold.




                                      ~Karen Saloomey


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