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Great Wedding Gift Ideas: What Unusual Wedding Gift Ideas Would Thrill My Friends and Continue to Delight Them For Many Years to Come?

Shopping for just the right gift, is a creative adventure, at least it should be. If you approach your shopping with a good attitude, and with imagination, you can have tons of fun. You will uncover all kinds of wonderful treasures that your giftee with be ecstatically happy to receive. Now, isn't that the reason for giving someone something, to make them happy? Give from the heart, not just to fulfill an obligation. Don't just give from the wallet either. There are so many really great wedding gift ideas that are often overlooked because they are maybe a little bit off-beat, not traditional,  but wonderful. I know every couple would love to have an imaginative gift. And it takes imagination to select that gift.

When the newly weds think back on who gave them what gift, do you really want to be remembered for giving them Tupperware? I didn't think so. They can buy their own  Tupperware. You want your gift to stand out as something special, unique, and something you selected especially for the newly weds.

The first rule of shopping for a great wedding gift is: there are no rules. Wait, there is a rule. No perfunctory gifts, please. Make yourself part of the gift by giving of yourself. Have you ever been to a shower when the bride and groom open their gifts, and the gifts look like they were passed around from wedding to wedding? It's insulting, it's cold. Happens too often from my point of view. I certainly could not do that to someone. Those gifts usually end up at Goodwill anyway, or in the attic. The art of "gift giving" involves much more than merely grabbing something off a shelf and wrapping it up in pretty paper. Give your gift some thought. What are the bride and groom like?Are they foodies? Do they have contemporary taste? Are they very traditional? Are they a little bit of each? Is their taste sophisticated? Urbane? Country-like? Provincial? Rustic? Do they like to cook? If you're not sure, then go in the direction of transitional, items that will work well in any decor. The more you know about the personal taste and life style of the couple, the easier it is to select a gift. The next thing you have to consider is your budget. How much are you budgeted to spend? There are some great wedding gift ideas starting at $20. $20 will buy a charming well designed gadget, or a fine olive oil, or soaps. If the couple has a good sense of humor, there are well designed humorous gifts for between $20 and $30, like coffee table toys.

It's amazing how people tend to overlook the impact, the joy of receiving a set of thick, luxurious Turkish towels in a neutral color, like white or ivory, or a color that the couple is using in their bathroom. This could cost you anywhere between $70 and $150. You control how many towels you will include. There are so many great wedding gift ideas. Another great idea is a luxurious cashmere throw in a gorgeous color. Missoni has some wonderful cashmere throws for about $250. Alessi makes beautiful bowls and the famous Anna g corkscrew that sells for $60. My favorite gift for weddings is the Michael Graves bird tea kettle for Alessi. I gave one to a client when she got married, and she hasn't stopped thanking me. It's a beautiful gift for $175. There are champagne flutes by Orrefors, set of 2 for $75, and one of a kind, blown glass goblets that are signed by the artist. These will cost you about $200 each, or more. Maybe the couple would appreciate  a lucite magazine rack by Philippe Starck. How about an All Clad pot or a Staub grill? How about an unusual ceramic teapot? There are wonderful choices and great wedding gift ideas at every price level.

Well, I'm sure you get the idea from the examples I've given. Great wedding gift ideas are gifts that exhibit taste, imagination, and thoughtfulness. Give your couple a gift that they will enjoy and will remember fondly, that it came from you.

Joan Saloomey

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